W e are a globally recognized manufacturer of Cleaning and Sorting Equipment. We offer standalone individual machines or complete plants for the food industry and beyond. We design and manufacture machines to customer specifications for different applications. We have a dedicated in-house research and development department that spearheads the innovation and improvement in machine design, build quality, and performance. Our emphasis has always been on total customer satisfaction with continuous technological advancement. Today we are the leading manufacturers of Monochromatic as well as Trichromatic CCD Camera based Color Sorting Machines as well as Cleaning and Size Grading Machinery for various industries. Spectrum Industries INDIA, Inc. has many years of experience with over 1000 installations worldwide. We are always committed to provide the best service, value and quality to our customers.


Our range of products is acclaimed in the market for their



With the rigorous testing and meticulous attention of preshipment inspection we deliver performance.
High Quality2

High Quality

We recognize the value of robust quality systems, and have adopted the ISO 9001 standard.
Life Value3

Life Value

We are always committed to provide the best service, value and quality to our customers.
Quality Assurance4

Technical Efficiency

We deliver excellent equipment with professional integrity.

  • Spectrum Industries, believes in delivering Quality starting at the source to ensure all products and services meet or exceed our customer requirements without losing focus on affordability and sustaining a competitive edge. All of our staff, from procurement of supplies to finished product inspections including our shipping department must always follow existing procedures and policies and assure we do it right every time. We have a team that strives to wisely improve our products and processes for the greater demand of tomorrow.
  • We recognize the value of robust quality systems, and have adopted the ISO 9001 standard as the template for our design process and manufacturing systems. It has been our daily practice staying the course in being fully compliant with that standard, and our staff has the experience of nearly a quarter of a century which is reflected in the quality of each product we deliver.
  • With the rigorous testing and meticulous attention of pre shipment inspection we deliver performance. Our business philosophy is based on continuous innovation and constant improvement with great emphasis on QUALITY.

  • We provide solutions based on advanced technology to meet our customer’s overall needs and specific challenges with unmatched cleaning and sorting capabilities.
  • Our team of engineers can work with you closely to identify your processing ideas or problem and come up with a design of a specific machine or an entire plant. We can take an idea of cleaning or sorting process in any application from a design stage to a functional solution that meets or exceeds expectations. An intelligent approach to increasing your productivity and efficiency is applied at every stage, and nothing is more gratifying to us than seeing our customer’s challenge solved and made a thing of the past.
  • Before our customers commit to anything, we make sure all things are considered and scrutinized in the design stage to accommodate their requirements. Our design team will draw a complete flow chart of your product with a layout drawing of the machinery in relation to your new or existing facility, thus eliminating any guesswork.

  • Spectrum Industries was founded with the mission of continually improving the productivity of all its customers by integrating the newest and emerging systems with proven components in each and every product. Our Color Sorters are equipped with advanced 5400 pixel x 3 Tri Linear CCD Cameras that produce a very high resolution image of the product to detect the smallest defect. It is the most accurate and efficient sorter in the market today.
  • The computer controlled S-4001 is automatically calibrated with self check procedures. The pentachromatic LED solid state lighting provides high intensity stable lighting. Ejectors with life to last 5 billion cycles.
  • Building on the deep technical knowledge of our engineers, we provide exceptional value to our customers especially when considering how advanced the technology is. We deliver excellent equipment with professional integrity. Our products are intelligently designed and manufactured in a state of the art facility to give you superior results.

Detailed Information of the Company

Competitive Advantages

  • Custom designed equipment
  • Tailor made to your needs
  • Innovative technology
  • Experts to monitor production
  • Prompt delivery schedules
  • Personalized after sale services
  • Highly competitive prices

Export Markets

  • Burma, Bangladesh
  • Egypt, Ethiopia
  • Kenya, Malawi
  • Nigeria, Russia
  • Spain, Tanzania, Uganda
  • Ukraine, Cyprus, Indonesia
  • Papua New Guinea, Sudan

Turnkey Projects

  • Coffee Processing Plants
  • Pulse Processing Plants
  • Groundnut Processing Plants
  • Wheat Cleaning, Grading Plants
  • Wheat Colour Sorting Plants
  • Complete Plants
  • Processes various Food grains

  • Shonga Joshua, Regional Manager

    We would like to confirm that SPECTRUM INDUSTRIES from Mangalore India has installed a colour sorting machine for rice at COMACO Ltd Chipata Zambia. We are please that the machine is working well and this will improve our production capacity very much.

    Shonga Joshua, Regional Manager
    Comaco Ltd, Chipata, Zambia
  • S. Venkatesh

    We are very glad and happy with the performance of the Spectrum - S-4001 color-sorting machine, working in Fried Gram Split & Gundal. Your service person Mr. Harish. G gave us full cooperation. Quality of Fried Gram Split & Gundal has got best sorting. We are very happy with this sorting, As you satisfied us machine, in future we are expecting good service as the same .

    S. Venkatesh
    Jai Balaji Agro Foods, Erode, Tamilnadu
  • Ray Buerger, Director

    We are Thai High Coffee, a coffee processor, located in North Thailand. We purchase coffee cherries and process to specialty grade green bean coffee. When we built the mill, we looked for equipment from many manufactures, including Spectrum, Pinhalense, Estrada, Oliver Manufacturing and Argo Machine. This is when Spectrum Industries started to make a positive impression upon our decision making. The owner of the company, Jeevan, took many hours talking about our needs and suggesting options for achieving the best results. We always received prompt return phone calls or e-mails and were given competent and friendly service. After weighing the performance of each manufacture's machines we opted to purchase the Spectrum Industries size sorter and gravity table. Once we made our purchase decision, the paper work was quickly organized, delivery schedules set and the process moved forward easily. We also purchased equipment from several other manufacturers, where the difference became more and more noticeable. Paperwork from the other manufacturers was late, incorrect, and difficult to organize. But we moved forward with all our money transfers and started the long wait for our equipment.

    Several manufacturers had promised delivery dates well ahead of Spectrum Industries. However, the Spectrum equipment ended up arriving first as they were ahead of schedule while the other suppliers were falling dreadfully behind! One of the South American suppliers was so late we were forced to disassemble and Air Cargo some very large machines. Expensive!!! Some of the South American machines came with missing parts and one South American manufacturer failed to even build our machine. The Spectrum Machines however, came ready to operate and were the easiest machines to wire as Spectrum installed easy hook up wiring harnesses.

    The import process can be challenging however, here again, Spectrum out performed the competition. The export/import paperwork was delivered well ahead of schedule and was completed correctly. This may sound like a small thing but when you are in the middle of building a mill, mountains of paperwork and customs delays can be very challenging. We have been using our Spectrum Equipment for over a year. The machines perform as good as they look, the workmanship is excellent and the performance specifications are realistic. Our Spectrum Machines have exceeded all of our expectations and have worked perfectly. Should have any questions or care to discuss our experience further, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or my Thai Mobile, 66-805013425.

    Ray Buerger, Director
    Thai High Ventures, Thailand
  • John Sathya C, Senior Manager

    WR Carpenter Estates, PNG has installed Spectrum colour sorters in both its dry mills for colour sorting of coffee green bean. One unit was installed in the year 2006 followed by the second unit in the year 2008. The unit are performing to our expectation and have worked in a reliable and consistent manner.

    John Sathya C, Senior Manager
    W. R Carpenter Co. and Estates LTD, Papua New Gunea
  • Jim Belehris

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on the design, installation and commissioning of our Almond Packing Facility. The facility is running very smooth and efficiently, and we are very happy with it. We are very impressed with what it is capable of achieving. It is very rewarding to see the entire operation complete, especially since this system had not been applied for almonds before. Together we faced a few unforeseen challenges along the way, but were able to overcome them by working together and finding solutions. We would also want to acknowledge your staff - Sudheer and Vincent, for their exceptional assistance and efforts . As well as the time effort and support from Claude. I found you to be a genuine business man and someone I would like to call my friend. I look forward to working with you in the future.

    Jim Belehris
    Belehris Estates, Australia
  • Sahilgarg

    It's prior in your notice that I am buyer of your colour-sorting machine (S-4001). I am using your sorting machine in cleaning & sorting of GRAM DALL. I am proudly stated that your machine's performance & output quality is excellent & beyond the expectation. I am pretty satisfied with your machine on the parameters of:

    1. Output Quality,
    2. Output Quantity,
    3. Impurities Ratio with Final Output,
    4. Continuous Performance

    More important, your after-sale-service is fastest & customer friendly. My opinion is that your sorting machines are best in the market of this field and prices are most economical in comparison with others manufacturers. I personally recommend your machine for PULSES, RICE etc.

    So, I really thankful to you for giving me such a excellent machine for sorting gram dall.

    Garg Dal & Besan Mills, New Delhi
  • Kaipo Sheen

    WOW! We have only peeked into the crates but so far are extremely satisfied with the workmanship and quality of the products you have delivered.

    I want to again apologize for my inexperience in world business and want to again thank you for your continued patience with us through this purchase. If anyone were to ask Spectrum Industries is a fine company that I plan on doing much more business with in the future.

    We are working very hard to get the equipment up and running for this seasons harvest. When you have some time, I would like to begin preliminary upgrade quotes for next year. There are three areas that we plan to upgrade,

    1 - Bulk parchment storage @ 40,000 lbs. Some conveyance from existing dryers (3) and drying decks (2) (To feed huller)

    2 - Parchment skin storage and conveyance from the Huller to temporary storage feeding the parchment burner. (Spectrum To Supply All)

    3 - Bulk storage and conveyance for the green beans from the gravity table for rerun capabilities. (Spectrum To Supply All)

    Kaipo Sheen
    Makapueo Farms, Hawaii
  • Gabriel T

    I had a visit with Vic of Mixed Nuts, In., and was impressed on how clean the plant was so clean and dust free. Our machines look very good. He said that the only thing he had to do was change the ejectors which he acquired there locally. We also had a discussion regarding the cashews and his suggestion was to give him a price for the following types:

    • a. 320 Fancy and
    • b. 240 Fancy

    I have attached pictures of the Spectrum equipment. He was happy with Spectrum as he said and that was so good to hear from someone that has used it for six years. He is willing to have potential customers contact him so long us they are not in the Nut business and that was a big plus. Last he sends his regards,

    Gabriel T
    Mixed Nuts Inc. CA, USA
  • Ram Kishan, Managing Director
    We installed Spectrum Industries (Mangalore). Gravity saperator model No.G-S 320. Erection and trail test done in our factory in Yangon, Myanmar. Spectrum G-S 320 We are using for the product of black Matpe. Output is 2 ton/hour. We are satisfied with production and performance of the machine.
    Ram Kishan, Managing Director
    Myanmar Ananda Company Limited, Yangon, Myanmar