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spectrum industries

About Us

Spectrum Industries is an Internationally recognized manufacturer of Cleaning, Grading & Colour Sorting Machinery for the Food Processing Industry with complete commitment towards providing the best of service, value and quality to our customers.

We have been the pioneer manufacturers of Electronic Colour Sorters in India since 1993. We are an ISO 9001 certified company since 2001 and have been certified for the Design, Manufacture and Supply of Colour Sorters by the British Standard Institute. Our Colour Sorting machines are also Conformity European (CE) Certified.

We have a dedicated in-house research and development department that spearheads the innovation and improvement in machine design, build quality, and performance. Our emphasis has always been on total customer satisfaction with continuous technological advancement. Today we are the leading manufacturers of Monochromatic as well as Trichromatic CCD Camera based Color Sorting Machines as well as Cleaning and Size Grading Machinery for various industries.

We provide complete turnkey solutions for processing a wide variety of seeds, nuts and all types of food grains and cereals, ranging in capacities from 1 to 10 tons per hour.

quality commitment

Quality Commitment

Spectrum Industries, believes in delivering Quality starting at the source to ensure all products and services meet or exceed our customer requirements without losing focus on affordability and sustaining a competitive edge.

All of our staff, from procurement of supplies to finished product inspections including our shipping department must always follow existing procedures and policies and assure we do it right every time. We have a team that strives to wisely improve our products and processes for the greater demand of tomorrow.

We recognize the value of robust quality systems, and have adopted the ISO 9001 standard as the template for our design process and manufacturing systems. It has been our daily practice staying the course in being fully compliant with that standard, and our staff has the experience of nearly a quarter of a century which is reflected in the quality of each product we deliver.

With the rigorous testing and meticulous attention of pre shipment inspection we deliver performance. Our business philosophy is based on continuous innovation and constant improvement with great emphasis on QUALITY.

custom design and manufacturing

Custom Design & Manufacture

We provide solutions based on advanced technology to meet our customer’s overall needs and specific challenges with unmatched cleaning and sorting capabilities.

Our team of engineers can work with you closely to identify your processing ideas or problem and come up with a design of a specific machine or an entire plant. We can take an idea of cleaning or sorting process in any application from a design stage to a functional solution that meets or exceeds expectations. An intelligent approach to increasing your productivity and efficiency is applied at every stage, and nothing is more gratifying to us than seeing our customer’s challenge solved and made a thing of the past.

Before our customers commit to anything, we make sure all things are considered and scrutinized in the design stage to accommodate their requirements. Our design team will draw a complete flow chart of your product with a layout drawing of the machinery in relation to your new or existing facility, thus eliminating any guesswork.




Spectrum Industries was founded with the mission of continually improving the productivity of all its customers by integrating the newest and emerging systems with proven components in each and every product. Our Color Sorters are equipped with advanced 5400 pixel x 3 Tri Linear CCD Cameras that produce a very high resolution image of the product to detect the smallest defect. It is the most accurate and efficient sorter in the market today.

The computer controlled S-4001 is automatically calibrated with self check procedures. The pentachromatic LED solid state lighting provides high intensity stable lighting. Ejectors with life to last 5 billion cycles.

Building on the deep technical knowledge of our engineers, we provide exceptional value to our customers especially when considering how advanced the technology is. We deliver excellent equipment with professional integrity. Our products are intelligently designed and manufactured in a state of the art facility to give you superior results.

competitive advantage

Competitive Advantage

  • Custom designed equipment
  • Tailor made to your needs
  • Innovative technology
  • Experts to monitor production
  • Prompt delivery schedules
  • Personalized after sale services
  • Highly competitive prices
export markets

Export Markets

  • Burma, Bangladesh
  • Egypt, Ethiopia
  • Kenya, Malawi
  • Nigeria, Russia
  • Spain, Tanzania, Uganda
  • Ukraine, Cyprus, Indonesia
  • Papua New Guinea, Sudan
turnkey projects

Turnkey Projects

  • Coffee Processing Plants
  • Pulse Processing Plants
  • Groundnut Processing Plants
  • Wheat Cleaning, Grading Plants
  • Wheat Colour Sorting Plants
  • Complete Plants For Processing Various Food Grains

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