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Nut Processing Plant


Made in India Nut Processing Plant On a Turnkey Project Basis 

  • Country of Origin: Made in India
  • Electricity Phase: Three Phase

Nuts such as Almonds and Peanuts etc are harvested from orchards and transported to processing facilities, where they are cleaned, hulled/shelled and then graded and sorted followed by packing in carton boxes or pouches.

The nuts start their process in the receiving pit, from where they are gently transferred by means of Conveyors to Vibratory screens that will begin the process of removing dirt, sticks, and leaves from the nuts.

After the screens do the initial separation, the nuts are transferred to the Destoning equipment that removes stones and other heavy impurities.

The nuts are then dried or moistened as the case may be and then sent into storage. From storage, the nuts are transferred by a conveyor to a hulling cylinder or Decorticator. After the shells have been cracked and removed, the nuts are once more sent through screens to separate the aspirated shells from the meat. The nuts that are still enclosed in their shells are sent back to repeat the process.

The shelled nuts are passed through graders/classifier screen decks in order to remove the splits and broken pieces and then conveyed to Gravity Seperators which sort the meats by lights, middlings, good and heavies. Lights, middlings, and heavies, which still contain hulls and shells, are returned to various points in the process.

After the nuts are sent through this process they are graded and sorted by Belt type RGB Full Colour Sorters, in order to remove the dark defects as well as the skin out material with chips and scratches from where they are sent to the packing machines or to roasting and blanching/salting lines for further processing in order to change the final product.