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Vibro Grader

Vibro Grader

The Heavy Duty Grading Machine


What is it ?

SPECTRUM Vibro Grader can be used for grading grains by virtue of their size. The inclination of the screens, stroke and the angle of throw are adjustable, resulting in perfect and uniform classification. It can be used for a wide variety of applications such as for coffee, peanuts, corn, fried gram, beans, peas etc.

How it works ?

Large screens are provided with maximum number of holes to obtain high outputs. Vibration of the screens is provided by means of vibrators mounted in the centre of the machine. The vibrating deck is mounted on four rubber springs, thus ensuring that the vibrations of the machine frame are reduced to a minimum.

The screens can easily be changed by swinging down the inlet door and sliding them out.

The screen cleaning is automatic by means of rubber balls thus ensuring that maximum holes are available at any time for proper grading. A wide variety of rubber balls thus ensuring that maximum holes are available at any time for proper grading. A sighting pass is provided to enable continuous observation of the functioning at the machine. Outlet spouts are provided with individual partitions and bagging device.


  • Easy and quick change of sieves possible.
  • Automatic cleaning of screens by means of rubber balls.
  • Drive by means of vibrators mounted in the centre of the machine.
  • Adjustable screen inclination is provided.
  • The angle of throw and strokes are also adjustable.


  •  Accurate Grading means better price realization
  • Increased Reputation
  • Reduced Grade mixing

Application Industries

  •  Coffee
  • Peanuts
  • Corn
  • Fried Gram
  • Beans
  • Peas

Packing & Shipping:

  • Machines are carefully packaged to endure transportation under harsh conditions.
  • Handling instructions are designed to protect the machine in the critical moments during transportation, unloading and installation.
  • Delivery Time:  20- 30 Days after order confirmed.
  • Payment Terms: TT, Letter of Credit.

Commissioning & Installation:

  • On Site Installation and Training Service by our professional engineer.
  • Study and Learn the Machine Operation in Our Factory.
  • Responsive in 24 hours: Telephone, Email, Video or On Site Solutions by our Technical Experts.

After Sales Services:

  • With presence in a variety of countries, Spectrum Industries is strongly committed to being close to the customer.
  • Through cooperation with loyal and carefully evaluated and trained local employees and partners, Spectrum managed to provide fast, competent and rooted services in the context of customers.
  • Application centre in Mangalore production base offer demo machines for tests and comparison.
  • A strong central technical team in India is supporting local channels with training, advice and technical support.
  • Under normal working circumstances, Spectrum machines enjoy 1 year of full warranty and a lifelong warranty on the machine structure from the date of purchase.
  • Service line is available for emergency support.
  • Spectrum products will be serviced and supported wherever customers are located.
  • Through the global Spectrum network and from Spectrum technical experts, training on Spectrum machines is available worldwide.