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Complete Turnkey Project For Grain Processing Plant



Primary processing of grain involves several different processes, designed to clean, sort and remove the inedible fractions from the grains. Primary processing of grains includes winnowing, cleaning, drying, grading, hulling/polishing, sorting and packing.

Prior to storage or further processing, cereal grains need to be dried to 10-15% moisture before storage in bulk until required for further processing. Before further processing, grains are cleaned and graded according to size.

Several grains have husk or shell that needs to be removed by a decorticator. A range of specialised machines are available from Spectrum Industries for this task.

We provide Complete Grain Processing solutions from Intake, Cleaning, Storage, Grading, Polishing and Color Sorting as well as Weighing & bagging for processing a wide variety of grains and cereals such as Corn, Wheat, Rice, Millet, Pulses, Lentils etc.


The machinery range includes Pre-Cleaners, De-stoners, Decorticators, Gravity Separators, Graders and Electronic Colour Sorting Machinery as well as Weighing & bagging equipment including the conveying equipment and aspiration systems of various capacities ranging from 1 TPH to 20 tons per hour of output.