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 ( Complete Coffee Processing Plant setup on turn-key project basis ) 


SPECTRUM INDUSTRIES is an Internationally recognized manufacturer of Coffee Processing Plants and machinery since the year 1993 and manufacture the entire range of Coffee processing machinery such as Pre Cleaners, De-stoners, Coffee Hullers, Peeler Polishers, Gravity Separators, Graders and the Electronic Colour Sorting Machinery and install Complete Plants for Coffee Processing in various capacities ranging from 1 TPH to 12 tons per hour of output.

SPECTRUM Coffee Plants are a result of many years of efforts of the study, design and manufacturing of these processing lines focused on preserving the physical and aromatic characteristics of the processed coffee beans in order to produce coffee beans of the highest quality in terms of minimum defects, uniform grades of size and shape as well as colour.

Our Coffee Hullers are suitable for hulling dry Cherry Coffee as well as Parchment Coffee beans. These Hullers are of the Cross-beater type and thus these machines provide cold hulling of the coffee beans.

Our Coffee Huller Peeler Polishers are suitable for hulling both Parchment(washed) Coffee beans as well dry Cherry(sundried) Coffee. These Hullers have a fluted core rotating inside a Drum having Cast Iron Liners, in order to hull and polish the Coffee. They are incorporated with a perforated screen at the bottom, provided with an adjustable Aspiration system having an Air Fan for aspiration of the husk.

The Complete solutions for Coffee processing that we provide comprise of intake, Cleaning, Drying, storage of raw Coffee, Hulling, Polishing, Grading by size and shape, Gravity Separation, Colour Sorting and Bagging off in bags of 50-100 kgs/Jumbo bags or bulk Container loading systems.