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The Technology First’s

  • Pioneers in Optical Sorting in India in 1993.

  • Introduced Patented Two stage reversible air dryers for Coffee.

  • Use of Backward curve turbines in Gravity separators.

  • Use of Forward curve turbines in Centrifugal Blowers.

  • Dynamic balancing of all turbines.

  • Double row spherical roller bearings in Cross heater Hullers, Huller Polishers etc. wherever heavy loads are applied.
    Steel EN9 machined shafts are used in Hullers & Polishers versus MS Polished shafts used by others

  • First to use ABD mounts from Sweden in Vibratory Cleaners & Graders to minimise vibrations of the main frame for smooth and silent operation.

  • Counter balanced decks in Double deck Graders for smooth operation to minimise vibration.

  • Use of 2 K paints with Epoxy Zinc Phosphate primers and phosphating to prevent rust formation and enhance product life.

  • Use of Electroplated fasteners bolts, nuts on all exposed parts.

  • Powder coating of internal components such as gates, louvers etc. in Gravity separators for smooth operation and longevity.

  • Internal wiring provided with P clips and terminals in Cleaners, Destoners, Gravity Separators and other major machines.

  • Siemens make motors with Bonfiglioli Gear Boxes as standard offering.

  • Use of heavy gauge material with higher factor of safety which is usually twice that of the nearest competitors.

  • Very few breakdowns due to superior design and better manufacturing techniques and practices providing almost nil down time.

  • Best after sales service in the Industry which is recognized by all clients in India across the globe.